Welcome to Bright Ideas media. In today’s economy did you know cold calling has died because of so much information people have access to and they now want to do their own research before they will talk to anyone. Therefore information that is on the first several pages of Google breeds credibility.

You position your Brand in the communities your ideal customers are looking for answers that you provide and engage them to increase your ROI.

Social media is a new avenue to get yourself in front of your precise targeted audience. This process prevents the qualified buyer from being overwhelmed. By building your brand in this manner the salesperson now becomes a solutions provider.

Solutions selling is a more precise method when used with social media providing your message to where your ideal customers are accessing their information will normalize them to listen to your message. This is done by using online real-time information that meets their needs. When you do engage them they will be more open to listen to your offering first compiling what they think they know and canceling out your offering.

We know how this occurs using psychographics of your ideal customer’s desires to understand how your ideal customers are thinking or what they’re seeking puts you into focus to find them. By focusing your message and finding where your ideal customers are allows you to identify your community to engage.

These new techniques will keep you more efficient and out of technical debt doing things that do not create your desired outcomes. The main reasons our customers prefer us is that they do not have the time or trained staff to do the research to get the precise information for their unique digital marketing efforts.

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